Our Vision

Raising Youths on a mission for God: Youths that will be equipped spiritually, transformed intellectually and empowered economically for generational impact.

Our Mission

Empowering the youth to live a significant life based on love for God and humanity, faith in God, belief in the Word of God and prayers and a consistent walk with God.

The reason Nigerian Air-force Protestant Church was set up was:

To raise Youths with a heart for God within and outside the NAF Community, help them develop a personal and consistent walk with God and enable them evangelize the world for God.

To empower Youths throughout their development/formative years with the right knowledge and skills, so as to develop into well-equipped members and leaders in their church and communities.

To bring Youths together from all NAF Churches with uniformity of plans and purpose in the pursuit of God’s will and to give them access to godly guidance and spiritual mentorship.

To assist the NAF Chaplains in supervising Unit fellowships and help to increase Youth participation in Church activities.

To encourage the exchange of ideas on subjects of common interest and for this purpose to collect and publish a biennial magazine which may result in promotion of such interest.

To organize educational and motivational programs which will help the Youth in terms of academic advancement, career choice and job progression, social awareness and development of social relationship.

To give the Youths a platform to contribute to the development of their society by participating in community development programmes and empowerment schemes.

To strengthen the capacity of the Youths with the requisite skills and knowledge for future leadership.

To organize biennial National Youth Convention.

To apply if need be to Government, Organizations or International bodies for supports;

To maintain co-operation with other similar bodies within the Fellowship’s jurisdiction be it National or International.

To acquire, hold, build upon, alter, improve, sell, dispose or deal with any land, buildings or other assets in the name of the Fellowship.

To raise funds by any lawful means and to manage the funds received by the Fellowship.

Generally, to do such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the fore-going aims and objectives of the Fellowship.